About Us

Founded in 1899 as the “Society of American Women,” the American Women’s Club of London has for over 100 years provided a welcoming atmosphere to American women living in London. The purpose of the American Women’s Club of London is to provide social, cultural, educational and philanthropic activities for our members living in London.

We welcome all US citizens as well as persons with close ties to the United States. We look forward to welcoming you as a New Member and helping you settle in to your new home city. London is full of wonderful opportunities for the American expat and we can help you get settled in, meet new friends and explore all the possibilities!

Join us for the New Member Coffee to learn more about the American Women’s Club of London.

The American Women’s Club of London is a founding member of the Federation of American Women’s Club Overseas (FAWCO) and is a member of the Federation of International Women’s Associations in London and the greater London area. (FIWAL).