Each AWC London member is also a member of The Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas, and is encouraged to participate in projects inspired by the global network, that complement our local focus. In addition, each member has access to information of concern to Americans abroad such as Voting, Taxation and Citizenship issues, as well as a built-in global ‘family’.

Any member who is interested can join the local FAWCO committee, become the FAWCO Rep or work on a global FAWCO committee.

Recent FAWCO projects include:

  • Heart Pillow project for breast cancer patients; instigated by AWC Denmark.
  • One Member, One Tree environmental initiative supporting local woodland and, with AWIA Casablanca and the Peaces Corps helping to regenerate poor farming communities in Morocco.
  • Raising $400 for a global Kid’s Help drive to provide funds for boxes of games and crafts for seriously ill children attending the ‘Hole in the Wall Camps’ founded by actor and philanthropist Paul Newman. Developed by AWC Genoa.
  • Gifts for Troops drive with AWC Surrey and AWC Chilterns sending boxes of snacks and toiletries to men and women serving in Iraq, including hand-written postcards. An additional $200 was sent to Operation Iraqi Children for school supplies and small treats that are distributed by the troops.
  • Beyond Borders: 30 Exceptional American Women, is a FAWCO-inspired photo profile of the extraordinary lives of American women who have integrated into their local communities and worked to better them.
  • FAUSA, The FAWCO Alumni USA is a national organization for returning members of FAWCO clubs and acts as a support system and vehicle for continuing to maintain overseas friendships.