Join us for the new member coffee to learn more about The American Women’s Club of London.

Our membership consists of:

  • American citizens
  • Spouses or parents of American citizens
  • Individuals who are not Americans but have close ties to the United States.

Applicants who are US citizens should complete the Membership application Form. This can be downloaded, printed out, completed and mailed to the office, along with a check payable to AWC, for your dues. Upon receipt, your application will be processed and a new member information packet mailed to you.

Applicants who are not US citizens but who have a close link to the United States should download, print out and complete the Membership Application Form and the Application for Associate Membership. Please note that all Associate Member applications must be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors before membership is granted. Once approved, you will receive an acceptance letter confirming your membership status, along with a request for your dues.

To save and/or print the forms right click on the appropriate link:

Application Form for Membership – Full Year: Nov. 2013 till Oct. 2014

Application Form for Membership – Half Year

Prorated Dues Schedule

Click Here to pay for your Membership online with paypal.

If you would prefer to receive your application by mail or fax or for more information, phone 020 7589 8292.