Here you will find a list of other webpages you may find helpful during your stay in Britain. We hope you will find the information useful.

If you know of a website that you think should be on this list – won’t you please tell us about it? Contact us at with the website’s address and a brief description of what you found there.

Other FAWCO Clubs in the area:

FAWCO main website
American Women’s Association of Surrey
The North American Connection – serving the West Midlands

Other Clubs in the Metropolitan London area:

Junior League of London
Petroleum Women’s club
Hampstead Women’s Club

Kensington and Chelsea Women’s Club

Thames Valley American Women’s Club

Federation of International Women’s Associations in London
Welcome to London International Club

St. John’s Wood Women’s Club

US Expat Resources

American Embassy in London
American in Britain
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Sterling Relocation
  International moving services for expatriates returning to the US or worldwide.
 (FAWCO Alumni USA) is a network for expats returning from abroad offering repatriation support for expats who move back home.  If you find yourself in this position, you may find it helpful to review some of the materials provided by FAUSA.
(a networking resource for all expats)

American Counselling Center
American Citizens Abroad (ACA)

Association of Americans Resident Overseas

State Dept. Travel Advisories

Living Abroad

Overseas Digest

The American Hour
– a weekly radio program in the London area
Transitions Abroad® – the first worldwide relocation portal. Comprehensive resource on expatriation, from careers, health, real estate and education.The site has a worldwide directory, vast selection of links, guidance and online tools.
Expat Essentials —
a taste of home delivered to your door
– ExpatFinder is a free one stop website for people preparing to move or working and living overseas – Compare service providers, Find Relocation Services, Insurance, Finance and more…

Study abroad: affordable colleges

Other Useful Sites

TimeOut — The online edition of London’s most popular guide to current and upcoming events and activities in the metro area.
The American Church in London

Instant Currency Conversion Calculator

UK Train information

American Museum in the UK


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