Founders’ Day

Founders’ Day

What is Founders’ Day? This is the AWC’s most fabulous and fun event of the year! Founders’ Day is the AWC’s annual fundraiser where we gather together to celebrate the founding of the club in 1899. It usually takes place in early spring. The venue and type of event varies from year to year – it might be a lunch, afternoon tea, cocktail party, or dinner – but it is always an experience not to be missed.
Every year, Founders’ Day includes:

• Silent Auction: A variety of wonderful items provided by donors in London and the USA (including some of our members) are displayed with bid sheets. During the course of the event, attendees can bid on each item in writing. When the auction closes, whoever placed the highest bid goes home with that item. Auction items can vary from restaurant and travel vouchers to jewelry and accessories to art and home décor.

• Live Auction: A few big-ticket items will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Past live auction offerings have included an overnight sailing trip, a VIP outlet-shopping excursion, a hat to wear to Ascot, and a Persian rug.

• Activity Basket Raffle: This is where that extra £1 goes that your activity leaders often collect. As Founder’s Day approaches, activity leaders use those funds to create a themed gift basket that relates to their activity. The baskets are raffled off at the Founder’s Day event. ‪‪‪

Membership dues cover less than half of the costs associated with operating the club, so the AWC relies on the proceeds from Founder’s Day and other activities to keep the club running and allow us to better support our charities.‬‬‬


  The AWC relies on the support of our members and friends to provide programs and services to Americans living in London and to support our charitable efforts. Please click here if you would like to donate to help continue the vision of the AWC.