Club House Rules


The normal opening and closing hours of the club are 10:00 am to 2:00 pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, except bank holidays.  If use is required at any other time, arrangements can be made to check out a key from the Office Manager.  Times and days may vary; please call the AWC office to verify the office is open.


  1. If the activity requires an RSVP, email or call the Activity Chairperson listed or the AWC office. The description of the activity in the Weekly Update Email will include that information.
  1. If payment is required, you may pay by check, cash, PayPal, debit/credit card, or bank transfer. Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment for the club. Payment must be received in advance, by the date listed on the calendar, unless otherwise noted.
  • If you are in the AWC office and would like to pay by cash or check, it’s always gladly received by the Office Manager. You may also label the payment and deposit it in the payments mailbox on the wall if the Office Manager is not available.
  • Checks must be made out to American Women’s Club Ltd.
  • When paying by PayPal, follow the ‘pay online’ link from the AWC homepage. Please contact the AWC office to confirm your payment.
  • If you are in the AWC office and would like to pay by credit card, it’s always gladly received by the Office Manager
  • To pay via bank transfer, use Account number 02663225, sort code 30-93-79, and reference your last name and the activity name. Please contact the AWC office to confirm the payment.
  1. Activities must be paid in advance. We do not send any confirmation notices; however, if you would like to confirm your reservation, feel free to call or email the AWC office.


The cancellation deadline is two weeks prior to the event unless otherwise noted in the Weekly Update Email.  With cancellations prior to the stated deadline, we will refund your payment minus any charges incurred.  For cancellations after the deadline, a refund cannot be guaranteed.  Please call or email the office as soon as possible if you need to cancel as there is often a waiting list for an activity. 


  1. Guests may be invited to the club activities no more than two times in one year. Family members who do not reside in England and spouses/partners are exempt from this rule.  All fundraising events are exempt from this rule.
  1. Due to attendance limitations on many of our events and activities, we must at times restrict our activities to ‘Members Only’ or impose a time frame which allows members first chance at the slots available. In the event a restriction is imposed, you will see this information posted in the Weekly Update email notices.


Our monthly meetings are held usually on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Details for the upcoming monthly meetings, including location, will be communicated in the Weekly Update email. If the location requires a dress code, this will be communicated ahead of time.


Upon joining the AWC, all new members will be charged a non-refundable £30 administrative fee. If a full membership (annual or six-month) is not renewed and paid before 28 days have elapsed from the dues payment date, the individual’s membership shall be terminated. The membership can be reinstated after the 28-day grace period and within two years for a £15 processing fee. After this period, the £30 administrative fee will be charged upon rejoining.


  1. The AWC cannot accept responsibility for members’ or guests’ personal property while on the AWC premises or at any AWC-sponsored events.
  1. Each member is responsible for keeping their contact information correct and up to date with the AWC. For details on how to do this, please contact the AWC Office.

The policy of the AWC is to maintain a non-partisan and non-denominational attitude towards political and religious matters.

The House Rules do not in any way supersede the Articles of Association or By-Laws by which the Club is governed.  Any member wishing to see the Articles of Association or Bye-Laws can access them via the ‘Members Only’ section of the AWC website ( or by request to the Company Secretary or a member of the Board of Directors.