Useful Links for Newcomers

New to London? Welcome! May we offer the following information to help make your transition to British living easier? We’re here to help.


1.  Join the American Women’s Club and attend the New Member Information Session.

2.  Set up a bank account (see Banking).

3.  Set up your television/cable/satellite with either Sky or Virgin Media (see Utilities).

4.  Forward your mail from the USA. US Postal Service

5.  Get an Oyster Card (see Transportation).

6.  Set up your computer with Skype, Vonage, Slingbox to connect with people back home and to send your favorite US TV overseas!

7.  Get a mobile phone (See Mobile Phone Companies).

8.  Register with your local NHS Doctor (see Medical & NHS).

9.  Buy salt for your dishwasher and softener for your washing machine – the hard water will cause your dishes to come out cloudy and your clothes to come out hard as a rock if you don’t!

10. Explore! The best way to get to know a new city is to get out there and hit the pavement! Call your area friend if you need suggestions for anything in your neighborhood.

Helpful Information

Cooking, Weights & Measures

Real Estate

Grocery Shopping

Clothing Shopping (Clothing/Shoe Conversions, High Street Shops, Department Stores)

Other Shopping (Appliances, Furniture, Pharmacy)

Resources for Parents and Parents-to-Be

Fitness & Gyms

UK Holidays & Events

Moving with Pets

Important Phone Numbers

Restaurant Suggestions

Recommended Reading

Tipping in the UK

Tax Information

Entertainment Resources


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